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The New Zhijiang Army (simplified Chinese: 之江新军; traditional Chinese: 之江新軍; pinyin: Zhījiāng Xīnjūn), is a term used by observers to represent political figures in the Communist Party of China who held important provincial and local posts during Xi Jinping's term as Communist Party Secretary of Zhejiang province. The "new army" refers to people who were closely associated with Xi and identifies with his political views, and who have since then taken on prominent political posts at the provincial level or in central party and state organs.

The term was first widely used by Ma Haoliang (马浩亮), editor at Hong Kong-based newspaper Ta Kung Pao in an article entitled the New Zhijiang Army of Chinese Politics. The term Zhijiang refers to the Qiantang River, which runs through the province, but is often used as a poetic reference for the greater Zhejiang region. The term was initially used as title to Xi Jinping's book Zhijiang Xinyu (之江新语), a book compiling the political philosophies of Xi Jinping during his five-year term as party chief of Zhejiang, published in 2007.[1]

Suggested members[edit]

Name Born Office held in Zhejiang during Xi's term Office held as of 2015
Cai Qi
December 1955 Party Secretary of Taizhou Deputy chief of the General Office of the National Security Commission (unconfirmed)
Huang Kunming
November 1956 Party Secretary of Jiaxing Deputy head of the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China
Chen Derong
March 1961 Mayor of Jiaxing Chief executive of Baosteel
October 1955 Party Secretary of Ningbo Party Secretary of Jilin province
Lou Yangsheng
October 1959 Party Secretary of Lishui Deputy Party Secretary of Shanxi province
Xia Baolong
December 1952 Deputy Party Secretary of Zhejiang Party Secretary of Zhejiang province
Li Qiang
July 1959 Secretary-General of Zhejiang Party Committee Governor of Zhejiang province
Chen Min'er
September 1960 Director of Zhejiang provincial party Propaganda Department Governor of Guizhou province
Ying Yong
November 1957 Director of Supervision Department, Zhejiang
President of Zhejiang High Court
Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang Discipline Inspection Commission
Deputy Party Secretary of Shanghai
Director of Party Organization Department of Shanghai
Zhong Shaojun
1968 Xi's chief of staff Senior Colonel of the People's Liberation Army
Official in the General Office of the Central Military Commission

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