Central Party School of the Communist Party of China

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Coordinates: 40°00′25″N 116°16′49″E / 40.007007°N 116.280241°E / 40.007007; 116.280241

Central Party School of the Communist Party of China
Danghui R.svg
Established 1933
Type Communist Party of China
President Liu Yunshan
Vice-president Li Jingtian
Students 1300
Location Beijing, China
Campus Urban: Haidian
Affiliations Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
Website www.ccps.gov.cn
Central Party School of the Communist Party of China
Traditional Chinese 中共中央黨校
Simplified Chinese 中共中央党校

The Party School of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in Beijing, also known as the Central Party School, is the higher education institution which specifically trains officials for the Communist Party of China.[1] As of October 03, 2007, it has about 1,300 students. The current president is Liu Yunshan.


The Party School was established as the CPC Central Committee's Marx School of Communism (simplified Chinese: 中共中央马克思共产主义学校; traditional Chinese: 中共中央馬克思共產主義學校; pinyin: Zhōnggòng Zhōngyāng Mǎkèsī Gòngchǎnzhǔyì Xuéxiào) in Ruijin, Jiangxi in 1933. It folded when the Red Army left on the Long March and was revived again once the CPC leadership had arrived and settled in Shaanxi, northwest China, in the winter of 1936. It was now renamed the Central Party School. The School was suspended in 1947 when the CPC retreated from Yan'an. It was re-opened in 1948.[2]


The location of the school is now in Haidian district, Beijing close to the Old Summer Palace and Summer Palace. 100 Dayouzhuang Street, Haidian district, Beijing.


  1. Li Weihan (李维汉): 1933-1935
  2. Dong Biwu (董必武): 1935-1937
  3. Li Weihan (李维汉): 1937-1938
  4. Kang Sheng (康生): 1938-1939
  5. Deng Fa (邓发): 1939-1942
  6. Mao Zedong: 1942-1947
  7. Liu Shaoqi (刘少奇): 1948-1953
  8. Kai Feng (凯丰): 1953-1954
  9. Li Zhuoran (李卓然): 1954-1955
  10. Yang Xianzhen (杨献珍): 1955-1961
  11. Wang Congwu (王从吾): 1961-1963
  12. Lin Feng (林枫): 1963-1966
  13. Hua Guofeng (华国锋): 1977-1982
  14. Wang Zhen (王震): 1982-1987
  15. Gao Yang (高扬): 1987-1989
  16. Qiao Shi (乔石): 1989-1993
  17. Hu Jintao (胡锦涛): 1993-2002
  18. Zeng Qinghong (曾庆红): 2002-2007
  19. Xi Jinping (习近平): 2007-2013
  20. Liu Yunshan (刘云山): 2013-incumbent

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