Chih-Chen Hsieh Associate Professor

謝之真 副教授


email: ccjhsieh



Lab Info

Biopolymer Dynamics and MIcro/Nano-Fluids Lab



Education Background

B.S. Ch.E. National Taiwan University 1995
M.S. Ch.E. National Taiwan University 1997
Ph.D. Ch.E University of Michigan 2005

Post doc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  2006-2008 

Research Topic

DNA dynamics in nanofluidic devices

Recently, many novel nanofluidic devices have been created to manipulate biomolecules for applications such as DNA separation and gene mapping. The origin of the functionality of these devices relies on the confinement-induced change in molecular properties. In this project, we use DNA as model polymer/polyelectrolyte to investigate those confinement effects. The results will provide fundamental understanding of the dynamics of confined molecules as well as the practical guidance for future applications.


Single DNA molecule gene mapping

Growing interest in comparative genomics has created a need for technologies that can rapidly characterize a genome. A novel approach is to analyze linearized DNA molecules bound with specially designed, sequence-specific fluorescent tags. The bottleneck of this approach is to effectively stretch(linearize) DNA. We therefore focus on developing a better DNA stretching mechanism that allows more versatile and more stable gene mapping to be performed. The same platform is also expected to be used for investigation of DNA-protein interaction


Computer simulations of DNA/polymer behavior in complex flows

We use Brownian dynamics simulations and mesoscale simulations to understand and in some case to predict the DNA/polymer behavior in complex flows and complex geometries. The simulation provides an important means to reveal the underlying physics of observed phenomena as well as a powerful tool to facilitate experimental design.


Recent Research Topic

1.Investigating confined polymer behavior using end-fluorescent DNA (1/1) 利用尾端螢光之DNA 研究高分子在侷限環境下之行為 (1/1)  Chih-Chen Hsieh, sponsored by the National Science Council Contract #NSC-98-2221-E-002-070, NT$964,000, 08/1/2009-7/31/2010.


The Representative Publication Recent 5-years Publication

1. Hsieh, C. C.* and Lin, T. H., 2011, “Simulation of conformational preconditioning strategies for electrophoretic stretching of DNA in a microcontraction,” Biomicrofluidics, 5(4), 044106. (SCI, EI)

2. M. G. Wu, H. L. Hsu, K. W. Hsiao, C. C. Hsieh, and H. Y. Chen*, “Vapor-Deposited Parylene Photoresist: A Multipotent Approach Toward Chemically and Topographically Defined Biointerface”, Langmuir,2012, 28 (40), pp 14313–14322. (SCI, EI)

3. P. K. Lin, C. C. Hsieh, Y. L. Chen, and C. F. Chou*, “Effects of Topology and Ionic Strength on Double-Stranded DNA Confined in Nanoslits”, Macromolecules, 2012, 45(6), 2920-2927 (SCI, EI)

4. Hsieh*, C. C., T. H. Lin, and C. D. Huang, “Simulation guided design of a microfluidic device for electrophoretic stretching of DNA”, Biomicrofluidics, 2012, 6(4), 044105. (SCI, EI)

5. Wu, M. G., H. L. Hsu, K.W. Hsiao, C. C. Hsieh and H. Y. Chen, “Vapor-Deposited Parylene Photoresist: A Multipotent Approach toward Chemically and Topographically Defined Biointerfaces” Langmuir, 2012, 28 (40), 14313-14322.

6. Tsou, T. Y., Chen, H. Y. and C. C. Hsieh*, “Bihydrogel particles as free-standing mechanical pH microsensors”, Applied Physics Letters, 2013, 102(3), 031901. (SCI, EI)

7. Lee, C. H. and C. C. Hsieh*, “Stretching DNA by electric field and flow field in microfluidic devices: An experimental validation to the devices designed with computer simulations”, Biomicrofluidics, 2013, 7(1), 014109. (SCI, EI)

8. Chen*, H. Y., T. J. Lin, M. Y. Tsai, C. T. Su, R. H. Yuan, C. C. Hsieh, Y. J. Yang, C. C. Hsu, H. M. Hsiao and Y. C. Hsu, “Vapor-based tri-functional coatings”, Chemical Communications, 2013, 49 (40), 4531-4533.(SCI)

9. Dalal, I. S., C. C. Hsieh, A. Albaugh and R. G. Larson*, “Effects of Excluded Volume and Hydrodynamic Interactions on the Behavior of Isolated Bead-Rod Polymer Chains in Shearing Flow”, AICHE Journal, in press.(SCI,EI)

10. Huang, C. D., D. Y. Kang, and C. C. Hsieh*, “Simulations of DNA stretching by flow field in microchannels with complex geometry”, Biomicrofluidics, in press.(SCI,EI)