Jeffrey D. Ward Professor

吳哲夫 副教授


email: jeffward



Lab Info

Process Systems Engineering Laboratory


(02)2362-6970#14; (02)3366-9813

Education Background

Ph.D. chemical engineering. University of California at Santa Barbara, 2005
B.S., chemical engineering; minor, business administration. University of California at Berkeley, 2001

Research Topic

Operation of batch crystallizers

Many high-value-added chemicals are purified by crystallization, and the vast majority of crystallization operations are conducted batch-wise. We develop methods that will allow engineers to rapidly identify nearly optimal recipes for batch crystallization operation without the need for the time-consuming steps of model identification and optimization. 


Operation and control of processes with continuous crystallization

In order to reduce costs and improve efficiency, manufacturers of crystalline products such as pharmaceuticals are increasingly attempting to transition from batch-wise to continuous manufacturing. We study the plantwide control of processes with continuous crystallization with the goal of helping engineers to understand how these processes operate when different unit operations are connected together (with and without recycle) and how control structures can be designed that allow for good process operability and nearly-optimal economic operation.


Process intensification

One important method for reducing the environmental impact and improving the efficiency of chemical processes is process intensification, in which operations that would traditionally be completed in separate process units are combined together. Examples include reactive distillation (combining reaction and distillation) and thermally coupled or divided wall distillation (combining two or more distillation columns into one). We develop shortcut methods for assessing the feasibility and expected benefit of such processes and facilitating their rapid conceptual design.

Recent Research Topic

1.批次結晶最適化之簡捷方法 (Shortcut Methods for the Optimization of Batch Crystallization)  98-2218-E-002-025-, 2009/10/01-2010/09/31


1.Fulbright Scholar (2005-2006)

The Representative Publication Recent 5-years Publication

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