Ying-Chih Liao Associate Professor

廖英志 副教授


email: liaoy



Lab Info

Precision Printing Technology Laboratory


(02) 3366-9419

Education Background

Purdue university Ph.D. Chemical Engineering

Taiwan university M.A. Chemical Engineering

Taiwan university B.S. Chemical Engineering

Research Topic

Synthesis of Functionalized Particles
Apply general synthesis methods, such as sol-gel or gas-to-solid method, to generate core nanoparticles. Encapsulate or graft the core particles with desired functionality to fit the counterpart solid surfaces, which might have various surface topology and functionalities.


Particle Dispersions & Ink Spreading
Stability of functionalized particles in liquid solvents will be studied to avoid particle aggregation. Quantitative description of particle deposition and/or binding forces on solid surfaces will be examined. The spreading phenomena of formulated inks under the effects of electric fields on patterned solid surfaces will also be studied.


Printed Electronics
Use inkjet printing in fabrication of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) to manufacture extremely low cost, flexible, and disposable circuitry. Specialized computational fluid dynamics simulations will also be used to help understand the fundamentals of ink spreading and to improve printing quality.

Recent Research Topic

1.Investigating capillary flow and wetting phenomena of nanoparticle dispersion 奈米粒子溶液之毛細運動和潤濕現象 NSC 98-2218-E-002-028, 98/10/01 – 99/09/30


The Representative Publication Recent 5-years Publication

1. Y.-C. Liao, Y.-C. Li, and H.-H. Wei,* Drastic Changes in Interfacial Hydrodynamics Due to Wall Slippage: Slip-Intensified Film Thinning, Drop Spreading, and Capillary Instability, Phys. Lett., 111, 136001, 2013. (SCI,EI)

2. H.-M. Hsiao,* Y.-C. Liao, C.-H. Lin, F.-Y. Liu and Y.-M. Tsuei, Effects of Cardiovascular Stent Design on Wall Shear Stress Distribution in Straight and Curved Arteries, Applied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 284-287, 1642-1646, 2013.

3. J.-L. Lin, Z.-K. Kao, and Y.-C. Liao,* Preserving Precision of Inkjet-printed Features with Solvents of Different Volatilities, Langmuir, 29(36), 11330-11336, 2013. (SCI,EI)

4. C.-C. Shiau, Y.-C. Liao, Z.-K. Kao, Y.-C. Yeh, and Y.-W. Lu,* Paper-based Flexible Taxel Device Using Electrical Contact Resistance (ECR) Variation for Elasticity Measurement on Biological Objects, IEEE Sensors, 13(10), 4038-4044, 2013. (SCI,EI)

5. C.-C. Huang, P.-C. Su, and Y.-C. Liao,* Conductive Lithium Nickel Oxide Thin Film Patterns via Inkjet Printing Technology, Thin Solid Films, 544(1), 348-351, 2013. (SCI,EI)

6. Y.-C. Liao, C.-K. Chiang, and Y.-W. Lu*, Contact Angle Hysteresis on Textured Surfaces with Nanowire Clusters, J. Nanosci. Nanotech., 13(4):2729-34, 2013. ( SCI,EI)

7. H.-Y. Lian, Z.-K. Kao, Y.-C. Liao,* Y. Yamauchi,* and, K. C.-W. Wu* Self-Assembled Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles in Controlled Patterns Produced by Soft Lithography and Ink-Jet Printing, J. Nanosci. Nanotech., 13(4):2804-8, 2013. (合著) (SCI,EI)

8. S.-B. Chen, J.-L. Lin, Z.-K. Kao, and Y.-C. Liao*, Conductive Features on Flexible Substrates from a Thermally Accelerated Chain Reaction at Low Sintering Temperatures, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 4 (12), 7064, 2012. (SCI,EI)

9. Y.-C. Liao* and Z.-K. Kao, Direct Writing Patterns for Electroless Plated Copper Thin Film on Plastic Substrates, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 4(10), 5109, 2012. (SCI,EI)

10. Y.-C. Liao*, Y.-T. Ma, C.-H. Huang, J. Yu, and H.-M. Hsiao, Rigidity Guided Cell Attachment on Inkjet-Printed Patterns, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 4 (7), 3335, 2012. ( SCI,EI)

11. H.-M. Hsiao*, K.-H. Lee, Y.-C. Liao, Y.-C. Cheng, Hemodynamic Simulation of Intra-stent Blood Flow, Procedia Engineering 36 ( 2012 ) 128 – 136. (EI)

12. Z.-K. Kao, S.-P. Chen, J.-L Lin, and Y.-C. Liao*, Low Temperature Synthesis of Conductive Silver Tracks with polymer addition, J. Taiwan Inst. Chem. E., 43, 965-970, 2012. (SCI,EI)

13. H.-M. Hsiao, K.-H. Lee, Y.-C. Liao, Y.-C. Cheng, Cardiovascular Stent Design and Wall Shear Stress Distribution in Coronary Stented Arteries, Micro & Nano Letters, 7(5), 430, 2012.(SCI,EI)

14. C.-C. Hsu*, J.-H Tsai, Y.-J. Yang, Y.-C. Liao, and Y.-W. Lu, A Foldable Microplasma-Generation Device on a Paper Substrate, J. Micro Electro Mech. 21(4), 2203788, 2012. (合著) (SCI,EI)

15. 微型液珠操控平台系統,廖英志,黃姵瑀,鍾承翰,蕭浩明,盧彥文,電子月刊, vol. 198, Jan, 2012.

16. J.-Y. Hu, Y.-P. Lin, and Y.-C. Liao*, Inkjet Printed Prussian Blue Films for Hydrogen Peroxide Detection, Anal. Sci., 28 (2), 135, 2012. (SCI,EI)

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19. R. K. Dhull, L. Fuller, P.-C. Kao, Y.-C. Liao, Y.-W. Lu*,    Two Degree-of-Freedom Micromirror  Actuation Using Thermocapillary Effect in Liquid Droplets, Sensors and Actuators A, 168, 162, 2011. (SCI,EI)

20. Growth of Coatings on Nanoparticles by Photoinduced Chemical Vapor Deposition. B. Zhang, Y.-C. Liao, S. L. Girshick, J. T. Roberts*, J. Nanoparticle Res., 10, 173-178, 2008. (SCI,EI)