Wei-Bor Tsai Professor

蔡偉博 教授


email: WeiborTsai



Lab Info

Biomaterials Laboratory

204; 104B; 工綜433

(02)3366-3042; (02)3366-3791; (02)3366-3791

Education Background

B.S. Ch.E. National Taiwan University, 1989
M.S. Biochemistry National Taiwan University, 1991
Ph. D. Bioengineering University of Washington, 1999

Research Topic

Recent Research Topic

1. 紡織產業卓越創新研究中心業務推展 NT$ 450,000, 紡織研究所, 03/01/2008-12/31/2008

2. 製備具有微圖樣的聚電解質多層膜及其在細胞工程的應用 NT$ 970,000, 97-2628-E-002-028-MY2, 08/01/2008-07/31/2009


The Representative Publication Recent 5-years Publication

1. Hsiu-Wen Chien, Wei-Bor Tsai*, and Shaoyi Jiang*, “Direct cell encapsulation in biodegradable and functionalizable carboxybetaine hydrogels”, Biomaterials, 33:5706-5712, 2012. (SCI,EI)

2. Peng-Yuan Wang, Lauren R. Clements, Helmut Thissen, Andrew Jane, Wei-Bor Tsai*, Nicolas H. Voelcker*, “Screening mesenchymal stem cell attachment and differentiation on porous silicon gradients”, Advanced Functional Materials, 22:3414–3423, 2012. (SCI,EI)

3. Hsiu-Wen Chien, Wei-Bor Tsai*, “Fabrication of tunable micropatterned substrates for cell patterning via microcontact printing of polydopamine with poly(ethylene imine) grafted copolymers”, Acta Biomaterialia, 8(10): 3678-3686, 2012.(SCI)

4. Peng-Yuan Wang, Lauren R. Clements, Helmut Thissen, Shih-Chieh Hung, Nai-Chen Cheng, Wei-Bor Tsai*, Nicolas H. Voelcker*, “High-throughput screening of pore size-dependent attachment of mesenchymal stem cells using porous silicon gradients”, RSC Advances, 2:12857-12865, 2012.

5. Peng-Yuan Wang, Wen-Tyng Li, Jiashing Yu, Wei-Bor Tsai*, “Modulation of osteogenic, adipogenic and myogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells by Submicron-grooved Topography”, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, 23(12): 3015-3028, 2012. (SCI,EI) (合著)

6. Hsiu-Wen Chien, Xuewei Xu, Jean-Rene Ella-Menye, Wei-Bor Tsai,* Shaoyi Jiang*, “High viability of cells encapsulated in degradable poly(carboxybetaine) hydrogels”, Langmuir, 28(51): 17778–17784, 2012. (SCI, EI)

7. Peng-Yuan Wang, Tsung-Han Wu, Pen-Hsiu Grace Chao, Wei-Hsuan Kuo, Meng-Jiy Wang, Cheng-Che Hsu, Wei-Bor Tsai*, “Modulation of cell attachment and collagen production of anterior cruciate ligament cells via nano-grooves/ridges structures with different cell affinity”, Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 110(1): 327–337, 2013. (SCI,EI)

8. Wei-Bor Tsai*, Yi-Ru Chen, Hsuan-Liang Liu*. RGD-conjugated crosslinked chitosan scaffolds for culture and osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 44:1-7, 2013. (SCI, EI)

9. Chih-Yuan Chien, Tse-Ying Liu, Wei-Hsuan Kuo, Meng-Jiy Wang, Wei-Bor Tsai*. Dopamine-assisted immobilization of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles and RGD peptides to improve the osteoconductivity of titanium, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part A, 101A(3):740–747, 2013.(SCI, EI)

10. Hsiu-Wen Chien, Chih-Chi Tsai, Wei-Bor Tsai*, Meng-Jiy Wang, Wei-Hsuan Kuo, Ta-Chin Wei, Sheng-Tung Huang. Surface conjugation of poly(sulfobetaine methacrylate) to inhibit cell adhesion and protein adsorption, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 107:152–159, 2013. (SCI, EI)

11. Peng-Yuan Wang, Wei-Bor Tsai*. Modulation of the proliferation and matrix synthesis of chondrocytes by dynamic compression on genipin-crosslinked chitosan/collagen scaffolds, Journal of Biomaterials Science: Polymer Edition, 24(5): 507-519 2013.(SCI, EI)

12. Peng-Yuan Wang, Tsung-Han Wu, Wei-Bor Tsai*, Wei-Hsuan Kuo, Meng-Jiy Wang. Grooved PLGA films incorporated with RGD/YIGSR peptides for potential application on skeletal muscle tissue engineering, Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 110:88-95, 2013.(SCI, EI)

13. J-Y Li, Y-C Ho, Y-C Chung*, F-C Lin, W-L Liao, W-B Tsai. Preparation of micron/submicron hybrid patterns via a two-stage UV-imprint technique and their dimensional effects on cell adhesion and alignment, Biofabrication, 5(3):035003, 2013.(SCI, EI)

14. Wei-Han Lin, Wei-Bor Tsai*. In situ UV-crosslinking gelatin electrospun fibers for tissue engineering applications, Biofabrication, 5:035008, 2013. (SCI, EI)

15. Peng-Yuan Wang, Lauren R. Clements, Helmut Thissen, Wei-Bor Tsai*, Nicolas H. Voelcker*. High-throughput characterisation of osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells using pore size gradients on porous alumina, Biomaterials Science, 1:924-932, 2013.(SCI, EI)

16. Chih-Yuan Chien, Wei-Bor Tsai*. Poly(dopamine)-assisted immobilization of RGD peptides, hydroxyapatite and BMP-2 on titanium to improve the osteogenesis of bone marrow stem cells, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 5:69756983, 2013.(SCI, EI)

17. Szu-Wei Fu, Hsiu-Wen Chien, Wei-Bor Tsai*, Fabrication of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) films containing submicro-grooves for constructing aligned cell sheets, Langmuir, 29(47):14351–14355, 2013. (SCI, EI)

18. Wei-Bor Tsai*, Wen-Tung Chen, Hsiu-Wen Chien, Wei-Hsuan Kuo, Meng-Jiy Wang. Poly(dopamine) coating to biodegradable polymers for bone tissue engineering, Journal of Biomaterials Applications, 28(6): 837–848, 2014.

19. Chiao-Tzu Su, Ruei-Hung Yuan, Yung-Chih Chen, Ting-Ju Lin, Hsiu-Wen Chien, Chih-Chen Hsieh, Wei-Bor Tsai, Chih-Hao Chang, Hsien-Yeh Chen. A Facile Approach toward Protein-Resistant Biointerfaces Based on Photodefinable Poly-pxylylene Coating. Colloids and surfaces B, accepted, 2014.  (合著)

20. Cindy Yi Chi Hsieh, Fang-Wei Hu, Wen-Shiang Chen, Wei-Bor Tsai*. Reducing the foreign body reaction by surface modification with collagen/hyaluronic acid multilayered films. ISRN Biomaterials, accepted, 2014.