Da-Ming Wang Professor

王大銘 教授


email: daming



Lab Info

Membrane Separation Laboratory



Education Background

B.S.  Ch.E. National Taiwan University 1983
Ph.D.  Ch.E. Pennsylvania State University 1992

Research Topic

Membrane Separation Technology

Membrane processes, an energy-efficient separation technology, are our major research area. We currently concentrate on fabrication of membranes for pervaporation and membrane distillation. The next step is to prepare low-fouling membranes for protein separation and water treatment by combining pore control and material modification techniques.


Molecular Simulation

Another research subject is using molecular simulation to study how molecules permeate through polymeric membranes and to investigate the interaction between polymer and solvent. At the present stage, we concentrate on studying the permeation of drug molecules. The next step is to look into the relationship between the polymer-solvent interaction and the microstructure of the solution they form.


Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering is a major biomedical research stream in the 21st century. Our present research interest lies on preparation of scaffolds for tissue engineering. The material studied includes biodegradable PLGA, PLLA and chitosan. We are cooperating with the medical school to develop the GTR membranes and cell-specific bone regeneration scaffolds, for treating periodontal disease.

Recent Research Topic

1.Effect of solvent quality on mass transfer and morphology evolution during membrane forming by vapor-induced phase separation  高分子溶劑之溶解力對蒸氣誘導相分離薄膜製程中質量傳遞及結構演變之影響 Da-Ming Wang. sponsored by National Science Council. NSC 97-2221-E-002-031- MY2. NT$947,000. 8/1/2009-7/31/2010
2.Membrane microstructure control and conditions of membrane preparation for nonsolvent induced phase separation  非溶劑誘導型相分離製程條件與膜孔微結構操控技術 Da-Ming Wang. sponsored by Industrial Technology Research Institute.  NT$500,000. 4/1/2009-11/30/2009


3.Editorial Board, Applied Membrane Science and Technology, 2005
4.Editorial Board, Journal of Chinese Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2006
5.Editorial Board, Journal of Chemical Engineering of Japan, 2009
6.Scientific Committee Member, AMS3 (Aseanian Membrane Society) 2006, Beijing, August 23-25, 2006
7.Organizing Committee Member, AMS4 (Aseanian Membrane Society) 2007, Taipei, August 16-18, 2007
8.Scientific Committee Member, AMS5 (Aseanian Membrane Society) 2009, Kobe, July 12-14, 2009
9.Outstanding teaching award, NTU (2005)

The Representative Publication Recent 5-years Publication

1. Y.S. Su, C.Y. Kuo, D.M. Wang, J.Y. Lai, A. Deratani, C. Pochat, D. Bouyer, ”Interplay of mass transfer, phase separation, and membrane morphology in vapor-induced phase separation”, J. Membrane Sci., 338, 17-28 (2009). (SCI, EI)

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4. Y.H. Su, Y.L. Liu, D.M. Wang, J.Y. Lai, M.D. Guiver, B. Liu, “Increase in the proton conductivity and selectivity of proton exchange membranes for direct methanol fuel cells by formation of nanocomposites having proton conducting channels, J. Power Sources, 194, 206-213 (2009). (SCI, EI)

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6. P.H. Chen, T.Y. Kuo, J.Y. Kuo, Y.P. Tseng, D.M. Wang, J.Y. Lai, H..J. Hsieh, Novel chitosanpectin composite membranes with enhanced strength, hydrophilicity and controllable disintegration, Carbohydrate Polymers, 82, 1236-1242 (2010). (SCI)(合著)

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