Chung-Wen Lan Professor

藍崇文 教授


email: cwlan



Lab Info

Crystal Growth Laboratory

工121C; 植研108

(02)3366-3033; (02)3366-3060

Education Background

DiplomaCh.E. National Taipei Institute of Technology 1982
M.S.Ch.E. National Taiwan University 1986
M.S.Mat.Sci. University of Wisconsin-Madison 1989
Ph.D.Mat.Sci. University of Wisconsin-Madison 1991

Research Topic

Crystal Growth Technology

The performance of electronic or optoelectronic devices often relies on substrate quality. The substrates are usually single crystals and can be grown by several methods from the melt, solution, or vapor. Our research interests for crystal growth include: (1) transport and interfacial phenomena; (2) process simulation; (3) crystal growth of new materials, such as organic semiconductors and nonlinear optical materials.


Electronic Materials Processing

There are several physical and chemical unit processes in electronic materials processing and device fabrications. We are interested in using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to study these processes. Our current research topics include: (1) design and analysis of large-scale crystal growth furnaces; (2) processing through electromagnetic fields, vibration, and high-gravity, etc.; (3) vapor phase epitaxy.


CFD and High Performance Computing

With the fast development of computers and numerical methods, large-scale simulation has become an efficient way to understand and design a physical process. We are particular interested in developing high performance numerical methods, such as adaptive phase field simulation, for process simulation and nonlinear analysis.

Recent Research Topic

1.工學院-藍崇文-工程及應用科學領域計畫-可再生能源材料之先進製程技術-優勢重點領域拔尖計畫-BE04-00(-01) C.W. Lan, sponsored by National Science Council, #98R0066-11(-12)
NT$ 2,200,000, 8/1/2009~7/31/2010.
2.高效能適應性三維相場模式與可視化實驗在固化過程之量化模擬、分析研究與其應用(2/3) C.W. Lan, sponsored by National Science Council, #NSC 97-E-002-109-MY3, NT$ 1,251,000, 8/1/2009~7/31/2010.
3.N型多晶矽晶體生長與其在高效率太陽電池的製作研究(2/3) C.W. Lan, sponsored by National Science Council, #NSC 97-E-002-051-MY3,  NT$ 1,059,000, 8/1/2009~7/31/2010.
4.產學合作計畫- 高效率太陽能多晶矽的長晶技術開發(1/3) C.W. Lan, sponsored by National Science Council and Sino-American Silicon Products Inc., #NSC 98-2622-E-002-028-CC2,  NT$ 5,504,000, 12/1/2009~11/30/2010.


1.Co-Chair of 4th International Workshop on Modeling in Crystal Growth, Fukuoka, Japan, Oct. 5-7, 2003. C.W. Lan will also chair the 7th conference 2012 in Taiwan, the 4th Int. Workshop on Silicon Crystalline Solar Cells in Taipei, 2010, PVSEC-23 in 2013.
2.中國化工學會石延平教授論文獎, 2003
3.台灣大學第一屆研究貢獻獎, 2004
4.國科會傑出研究獎, 2004-2007.
5.法國馬賽大學客座教授(2004二月) (受邀)
6.日本九州大學客座教授(2002暑假) (受邀)
7.Associate Editor in Chief, J. ChIChE, 2000-2009.
8.International Editor, Korean Journal of Crystal Growth, 2001-now
9.Editor, Fluid Dynamics and Materials Processing, 2005-2007.
12.臺灣大學特聘教授 (2007-2010)
13.台灣太陽光電產業協會第一任及第二任理事長 (2007-2011)
14.SEMI Taiwan, PV Committee, Vice Chairman (2008-now)
15.2008, 2009台灣SEMI委員會貢獻獎


The Representative Publication Recent 5-years Publication

1. C.C. Wu, W.T. Hsu, Z.B. Chen, R.K. Choubey, C.W. Lan, Crystal growth, VTE treatment, and characterizations of Nd-doped LiTaO3, J. Crystal Growth, 318 (2011) 649-652. (SCI, EI)

2. M.Z. Lin, G.H. Li, M.Y. Chern, C.W. Lan, Thickness measurement of colloidal opal crystal growth by Bragg reflection, J. Colloid. Interface Sci., 360 (2011) 331-334. (SCI, EI)

3. M.C. Tsui, Y.L. Tung, S.Y. Tsai, C.W. Lan, A Nano Quasi-Solid Electrolyte With Modified Nano-Clay Applied to Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering-Transactions of the ASME, 133 (2011) (SCI).

4. D. Z. Dimitrov, C.H. Lin, C.H. Du, C.W. Lan, Nanotextured crystalline silicon solar cells, Phys. Status Solidi A 208, 12 (2011) 2926–2933 (back cover of the issue) (SCI).

5. Y.S. Lo, R.K. Choubey, W.C. Yu, W.T. Hsu, C.W. Lan, Shallow bath chemical deposition of CdS thin film, Thin Solid Film 502 (2011) 217-223 (SCI).

6. C.C. Wu, R.K. Choubey, C.W. Lan, Generation of annularly symmetric periodic ferroelectric domains in Nd doped near stoichiometric LiTaO3 crystals by the vapor transport equilibration processing, Materials Letters, 67 (2012) 88-90. (SCI)

7. T.F. Li, H.C. Huang, H.W. Tsai, A. Lan, C. Chuck, C.W. Lan, An enhanced cooling design in directional solidification for high quality multi-crystalline solar silicon, J. Crystal Growth, 340 (2012) 202-208. (SCI)

8. C.W. Lan, W.C. Lan, T.F. Lee, A. Yu, Y. M. Yang, W.C. Hsu, B. Hsu, A. Yang, Grain control in directional solidification of photovoltaic silicon, J. Crystal Growth, 360 (2012) 68-75 (SCI,EI)

9. W. T. Hsu, Z. B. Chen, C. C. Wu, R. K. Choubey  and C. W. Lan, Optical Properties of Mg, Fe, Co-Doped Near-Stoichiometric LiTaO3 Single Crystals, Materials 5(2012) 227-238. (SCI)

10. J.C. Wu, Z.B. Chen, R.K. Choubey, C.W. Lan, On the study of zinc doping in congruent LiTaO3 crystals, Materials Chemistry and Physics 133 (2012) 813– 817. (SCI)

11. J. Yi, Eicke R.Weber, C.W. Lan, Stephen Bremner, and D. H. Kim, Photoenergy: Progress in Si-Related Solar Cells for a Low Cost and High Efficiency, International Journal of Photoenergy (2012)

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13. S.H. Liu, C.C. Chen, C.W. Lan, Phase field modeling of crystal growth with nonlinear kinetics, J. Crystal Growth, 362, (2013) 106–110 (SCI,EI)

14. H.W. Tsai, M. Yang, C. Chuck, C.W. Lan, Effect of crucible coating on the grain control of multi-crystalline silicon crystal growth, J. Crystal Growth, 363, (2013) 242–246 (SCI,EI)

15. H.K. Lin, H.Y. Chen, C.W. Lan, Adaptive phase field modeling of morphological instability and facet formation during directional solidification of SiGe alloys, J. Crystal Growth, 385, (2014) 44–48 (SCI,EI)

16. C.C. Chen, H.K. Lin, C.W. Lan, Phase field modeling with large interface thickness and undercooling, J. Crystal Growth, 385, (2014) 121–126 (SCI,EI)

17. H.K. Lin, H.Y. Chen, C.W. Lan, Phase field modeling of facet formation during directional solidification of silicon film, J. Crystal Growth, 385, (2014) 134–139 (SCI,EI)

18. M. Yang, A. Yu, , W.C. Hsu, B. Hsu, A. Yang, C.W. Lan, Development of high-performance multicrystalline silicon for photovoltaic industry, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research & applications, in press (SCI,EI)

19. C.C. Hsieh, A. Lan, C. Hsu, C.W. Lan, Improvement of multi-crystalline silicon ingot growth by using diffusion barriers, J. of Crystal Growth, accepted.

20. H.K. Lin, C.W. Lan, Three-dimensional phase field modeling of silicon thin-film growth during directional solidification: facet formation and grain competition, J. crystal Growth, accepted.