Shih-Yow Huang Professor

黃世佑 教授

phone:(02)2363-2542 or (02)3366-3007




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  1.  67年中國工程師學會工程論文獎豬糞沼氣發酵槽之最適設計

  2. 77年中國工程師學會工程論文獎螺旋藻生長動力學模式及培養技術之探討、

  3. 79學年度國科會傑出研究獎” Separation and Purification of Porcine Pancreatic Enzymes by Serial Operation of Ion-Exchange and Af “

  4. Editorial Board, J. Bioscience and Bioengineering (Published monthly by the Society for Biotechnology, Japan), Since 1993 to now.

The Representative Publication

  1. S. Y. Huang, J. J. Hu and T. T. Wang, “Effect of Gas Composition on the Cell Growth and L-DOPA Production in Suspension Culture of Stizolobium hassjoo,” J. Chin. Inst. Chem. Engrs., 32, 1-11 (2001) (SCI,EI)

  2. S. Y. Huang and C. F. Chen, “Hydrolysis of Soybean Oil by Surfactant-Coated Lipase in Organic Solvents,” J. Chin. Inst. Chem. Eng., 32, 205-212(2001) (SCI,EI)

  3. S.Y. Huang, Y. W. Shen and H. S. Chan, “Development of a Bioreactor Operation Strategy for L-DOPA Production Using Stizolobium hassjoo Suspension Cultures,” Enzyme Microbial Technol., 30,779-7912002(SCI,EI)

  4. 黃世佑,周明顯,陳泓宇,王美雲,吳思蓉,謝棋君,以活性碳吸附法回收排氣中揮發性有機物之程序設計,化工技術,107207-219 (20022)

  5. 黃世佑(2002):植物細胞培養生產二次代謝產物反應器重要因素之探討,” 化工技術,109122-135(2002)

  6. 黃世佑(2002) 植物細胞培養生產二次代謝產物反應器操作及其擴大規模”, ,台大工程學刊,8421-31(2002)

  7. S.Y. Huang, C. H. Hung and S. N. Chou, Innovative Strategies for Operation of Mist Trickling Reactors for Enhanced Hairy Root Proliferation and Secondary Metabolite Productivity,Enzyme Microbial Technol., 35,22-32 (2004).(SCI,EI)

  8. I. Matsushita, T. Kaneyuki, K. Yao and S. Y. Huang, The Preparative Method of Anthocyanins and Poly-proanthocyanidins in Mulberry by Combination of Flush Chromatography and HPLC, J. Japanese Soci. of Food Engineering, 24,51-56 (2004).

  9. S. Y. Huang and H. S. Chan, Development of a Miniature Torque Meter Tailored to the Measurement of Power Consumption in a Laboratory-Scale Bioreactor, J. Chin Inst. Chem. Engrs., 35,633-641 (2004). (SCI.,EI)

  10. S. Y. Huang,, “Opportunities for Improving the Plant Cell Culture Processes for Secondary Metabolite Production”, J. Chin. Inst. Chem. Engrs., 36,561-575 (2005). (SCI,EI)

  11. S. Y. Huang and S. N. Chou, “Elucidation of the Effects of Nitrogen Source on Proliferation of Transformed Hairy Roots and Secondary Metabolite Productivity in a Mist Trickling Reactor by Redox Potential Measurement”, Enzyme Microb. Technol. In Press (SCI,EI)

  12. L. S. Sung and S. Y. Huang, “Lateral Root Bridging as a Strategy to Enhance L-DOPA Production in Stizolobium hassjoo Hairy Root Cultures by using a Mesh Hindrance            Mist Trickling Bioreactor”, Biotechnol .Bioeng. In Press (SCI,EI.)