Akira Hirao Professor

平尾明 教授





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Research interests are focused on the following areas: synthesis and living anionic polymerization of new functional monomers, precise synthesis of architectural polymers such as block polymers, graft polymers, comb-like polymers, chain-end-and in-chain-multi-functionalized polymers, star-branched polymers, and dendrimer-like star-branched polymers, surface nanostructure control and analyses, and nanoscale self-organization and supra-molecular assemblies created from multi-phase polymers with well-defined and precisely controlled structures.

Recent Research Topic


1978, Award of Polymer Society of Japanfor Young Researcher.

2010, Award of Polymer Society of Japan(The best award of polymer science in Japan).

2011, Publication Award for the year 2011, Society of Rheology(USA).

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