The Professor Nae-Lih Wu as the 2010 International Conference on Materials for Energy President


announcer: Guan Yu Tung

Following the first session of the 2010 International Conference  on Materials for Energy  held in Karlsruhe, Germany, this year held its second session, The purpose of the General Assembly to adapt to the current energy system towards reducing the fossil fuel dependence and minimizing its impact on climate, environment and health remains the global challenge of today. New materials will contribute towards this goal, for instance by improving the energy efficiency of industrial production and reduction of household energy use (e.g., through fuel cells, catalysis, reduced friction losses), and by offering solutions to deal with waste and emissions.

Materials are central to every energy technology. They are crucial to efficiently harvest sunlight, produce electrical from temperature gradients with thermoelectric materials, providing energy storage technologies, e.g in batteries or for hydrogen, and enabling lightweight materials for transportation. In the future, demands on materials performance will increase as materials will be subject to extreme stress, strain, temperature, pressure, chemical environment, photon or radiation flux, and electric or magnetic fields. This just stresses the importance to sustain research, development and modelling of materials for energy applications.

The programme of this conference covers current topics and recent progress in the science and technology of energy and new materials, including the nanoscale origin of macroscopic properties. Aspects of materials for energy production and conversion, energy storage, energy transport, and energy saving will be addressed. 

The second session of the International Conference  on Materials for Energy, held on 12-16 May 2013, the Department of Professor Nae-Lih Wu won invited to serve as the President of the General Assembly.

Professor Wu guidance Student Poster was also selected as the best poster, but because of the President of the General Assembly, the humility to other candidates. It is the glory of the Department of Chemical Engineering.