Congratulations to Professor Wu's graduate students Lee, Zih Hua and Chan, Hsiang-Yu won the Poster Award of The 30th Taiwan Symposium on Catalysis and Reaction engineering


announcer: Guan Yu Tung

The 30th Taiwan Symposium on Catalysis and Reaction engineering, held June 28-29, National Dong Hwa University in Hualien. The General Assembly to encourage backward held in the Student Poster competition in order to enhance the academic interest. Where the thesis of the contest are required to slide an oral paper presentations and on-site poster instructions. The selection will be merit-based to remove a number of awards, awards and bonuses to a token of encouragement.


The Department, Professor Wu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng's two graduate students  Zih Hua Lee, Hsiang-Yu Chan won awards. Another thing raised here is that the graduate student You-Yu Shen guided by Professor Wan, Ben-Zu, won award  but for some reason had not been collected, and the General Assembly recongizes as a waiver. Here we  still made a token of encouragement.


Zih Hua Lee(Advisor: Professor Wu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng) won Excellence Award

Thesis title: 用顆粒狀鹼觸媒於旋轉填充床反應器中生產生質柴油

Hsiang-Yu Chan(Advisor: Professor Wu, Jeffrey Chi-Sheng) won Honorable Mention

Thesis title: Photo-epoxidation of cyclohexene on V-Ti-MCM41


Zih Hua Lee
                Lee, Zih Hua's commendation
Hsiang-Yu Chan