Congratulation to graduate students Ting-Yi Li ( advisor Professor Ben-Zu Wan) and Pei-Yu Huang ( advisor Professor Ying-Chih Liao ) won the Best Poster and Oral Presentation Award, respectively, at 2012 International Students Symposium on Thin Films and Coatings


announcer:Guan Yu Tung

2012 International Students Symposium on Thin Films, and Coatings supported by  TACT (Taiwan  Association for Coatings and Thin Films, Technology) held at March 24, in the National Taipei University of Technology. This symposium will be thrust is to provide research students to discuss and exchange platform, and require students to report orally in English. So as to promote the ability of students to a better future participation in international conference.
This department, Department of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University, doctoral student Ting-Yi Li, through Professor Ben-Zu Wan's guidance, won the Best Poster Award for first place, and  the master class student Pei-Yu Huang, through Professor Ying-Chih Liao's guidance, won the Best Oral Presentation Award for second place.