2011 Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineering doctorate in English Special Report list of winners of competition in Department of Chemical Engineering NTU.


announcer:Guan Yu Tung

2011 Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting on November  25 and 26 held at the National Cheng Kung University, will be in respect of  membership in the school with a doctorate, in english the contents of  papers, oral presentations and to accept questions are asked. Contests, the whole divided into three groups. Selection of the best out of four people, were prized the first prize , the second prize, participation awards, and excellent work awards respectively, in each group. Award-winning doctoral research university students are as follows:
2011 58th anniversary of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers Annual Meeting and the National Science Council published the results of chemical engineering gate special report will contest a doctorate in English

1student張鴻文 (Advisor: Professor Cheng-Che Hsu)
Thesis: The polarity effect of plasmas in saline solutions under different applied frequencies.
2 student胡斯瑋(Advisor: Prof. Yu-Jane Sheng)
Thesis: Self-assembly of solvophilic nanoparticles in a polymer matrix: depletion interactions.
3 student楊曜禎(Advisor: Professor Cheng-Che Hsu)
Thesis: Downstream characterization of an oxygen atmospheric pressure plasma jet.
4 student李庭逸(Advisor: Professor Ben-Zu Wan)
Thesis: Synthesis of mesoporous silica low-k films using poly (ethylene oxide) - based surfactants as the templates