Congratulate Professor R.T.Yang receiving The Fifth Taiwan University Distinguished Alumni Award


announcer:Guan Yu Tung

Taiwan University to recognize outstanding alumni of the school and the outstanding contribution to the community Particular setting, "National Taiwan University Alumni selection methods", and since 2006 outstanding alumni from the year for the selection cum praise. Distinguished Alumni Award Sub-cultural art, academic, business class, community service and comprehensive Combined contribution to the class a total of five categories. The recommended way to approach and recognition, see Selection of National Taiwan University Alumni website as follows:

http://homepage.ntu.edu.tw/ ~ ntualumni / outstanding / main.htm

There are nine alumni who won fifth Taiwan University 2010 Distinguished Alumni Award. Professor Ralph Yang is one of the nine alumni and he came from  the Department of Chemical Engineering , NTU, awarded the Distinguished Alumni Academic honors.

Dr. Ralph Yang , now the Professor of Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan. He got B.S. degree at Department of Chemical Engineering of National Taiwan University in 1964, graduated from Yale University 1971 Ph.D. Chemical Engineering. Since 1995 he has so far taught at the Department of Chemical Engineering of University of Michigan, He Committed to hydrogen storage materials and procedures, nanostructured adsorbent material, adsorption separation, catalysis, NO catalytic reduction, fuel desulfurization of cell fuels, carbon and carbon Materials. He is a U.S. National Academy of Sciences from 2005, and awarded University of Michigan Distinguished Faclty Achievement Award in 2007, because he dedicated to study hydrogen storage, he awarded Hydrogen R & D Award by the United States Department of Energy, Academia Sinica in 2008 was elected the 27th Session of the Academy of Sciences. Dr Yang's teaching and research admirable qualifications, appointed as the Distinguished Research Chair Professor of Department of Chemical Engineering,NTU. Studing fields cross catalytic reaction engineering, energy storage , adsorption and desorption mechanisms and porous material for a particular purpose of development and research. Whether in the academic field of study and implementation of technology development, and have excellent contribution Offerings.