Professor CHENG-CHING YU's New Book



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CHENG-CHING YU, PHD, has spent sixteen years as a Professor at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology and four years at National Taiwan University. He has published over 100 technical papers in the areas of plant-wide process control, reactive distillation, control of microelectronic processes, and modeling of fuel cell systems.

After an overview of the fundamentals, limitations, and scope of reactive distillation, this book uses rigorous models for steady-state design and dynamic analysis of different types of reactive distillation columns and quantitatively compares the economics of reactive distillation columns with conventional multi-unit processes. It goes beyond traditional steady-state design that primarily considers the capital investment and energy costs when analyzing the control structure and the dynamic robustness of disturbances, and discusses how to maximize the economic and environmental benefits of reactive distillation technology.