NTU Powder Technology Lab Passed ISO 17025 Professional Inspection, Its Nano-metrology Ranked No.1 in Taiwan



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The Powder Technology Lab of the Department of Chemical Engineering was set up in 1990 through the promotional efforts of Dr. Wei-Ming Lu. At that time the Lab was equipped with the necessary instruments related to powder technology and managed by professional personnel. It provided services in educational training, technical consultation, and consigned analyses. In August 2006, Dr. Chung-Wen Lan took over as the new Lab host. In addition to consolidating the original services, Dr. Lan spared no efforts in upgrading the professional metrological capabilities of the Lab. In 2007 Dr. Lan proposed to make the Lab meet international standards. His idea was supported by the Dean of the Office of Academic Affairs, the College of Engineering, and the Department of Chemical Engineering, so he went about seeking accreditation from the International Organization for Standardization. During the accreditation process, NTU's Powder Technology Lab based its quality management policy on the principles of service, satisfaction, fairness and professionalism, and attached equal importance to quality and technology, so in November 2008 it acquired accreditation from ISO 17025 protocol, and was conferred a certificate by TAF (Taiwan Accreditation Foundation), thus becoming one of the international labs that met the ISO 17025 standards.

The items of the Lab which passed ISO accreditation included micron particle analysis, nanometer particle analysis, specific surface area distribution analysis, and zeta potential measurement. Among these four items, specific surface area distribution analysis and zeta potential measurement were the items that passed ISO inspection for the first time in Taiwan. And, despite the fact that NTU's Powder Technology Lab was the second agency in Taiwan that acquired ISO accreditation, it distinguished itself by being able to analyze the most comprehensive array of products and provide the most complete analyses. NTU's Powder Technology Lab is an open agency whose services are available to the public. It provides professional, sound and reliable analytic services in metrology. The public are urged to avail themselves of the services provided by this lab so as to make contributions to NTU's research.