Professor Huan-Jang Keh wins The Ministry of Education's Academic Award



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The Council of Academic Reviewal of the Ministry of Education recently announced this year's roster of winners for its academic awards. NTU faculty makes up the majority of the winning list, wherein eleven professors win MOE's "National Professorship Award" and the "Academic Award", demonstrating once again the outstanding academic achievements of the University!!

The MOE National Professorship Awards are given to ten hosts of various academic projects every year. Of these ten awardees, NTU faculty takes up a majority by having six professors among the list of winners. In the category of social sciences, NTU Department of Economics Professor Hong Hwang comes to the fore in a horde of contenders. Professor Hwang’s studies focus on the strategic trade policies in international commerce, and deal with the issues of location choice of manufacturers in industrial economics. Over the years he has published more than eighty theses in academic journals both at home and abroad. In the 1980’s Professor Hwang already made innovative contributions in the area of international trade theory, and had an important paper published in “American Economic Review,” which was universally recognized as the leading journal of economics at that time. Whether in teaching or in leading research teams, Professor Hwang has consistently exhibited stellar performance. Under his guidance, the NTU Trade Workshop published more than twenty quality papers in domestic and international journals.

The MOE National Professorship Awards
Professor Pi-Tai Chou of the Chemistry Department (In the mathematics and natural science category),
Professor Chiun-Chuan Chen of the Mathematics Department (In the mathematics and natural science category),
Professor Sun-Lin Chung of the Geosciences Department (In the mathematics and natural science category),
Professor Chu-Fang Lo from NTU's Insitute of Zoology (In the category of medical and agricultural science), and
Professor Soo-Chang Pei from the Department of Electrical Engineering (In the category of engineering and applied sciences).

The MOE's Academic Award had 12 winners this year, of whom five are NTU professors. They are, respectively,
Professor Ming-Liang Hsieh of the Institute of Art History (category of humanities and arts);
Professor Jin-Tan Liu of the Department of Economics (category of social sciences);
Professor Gerald J. Chang of Department of Mathematics (category of Math and Natural Sciences );
Professor Ming-Liang Kuo of the Institute of Toxicology (category of biological and medical/agricultural science); and
Professor Huan-Jang Keh of Department of Chemical Engineering (category of engineering and applied sciences).