International Program



1. What are the credits restrictions of chemical engineering department for international students?


Graduate credits of our department are 140 credits, including 101 required courses, 21 elective courses, and 18 general courses. Please be caution that if you fail 2/3 credits in a semester, with any following semester fail 1/2 credits, you were dropped out by the department.


2. Is there any special favor provided in campus?


There are lots of useful sources in our campus, including free shower and free body fat measurement in the basement and 2nd floor of the new stadium respectively, free movie on the 4th floor of the main library, and free printing quota provided by the calculator center every semester.  In addition, healthcare center in the end of the main boulevard provided medical care with affordable price. If you are seeking for solution manuals for your courses, the basement of first men’s dormitory is a good place for you.


3. Is there any tasty restaurant near the campus?


The second floor café near Din-jo street is a good place for you to spend a relaxed afternoon. They supply traditional American style cuisine. Another great choice is So Free Pizza near wen-zhou park. They provide homemade pizza with plenty cheese and stuff, which is incredible for your hungry belly.


4. Is there any must-see scenic spot near Taipei city?


There are lots of places to have fun in Taipei and suburban area. 侯硐 is a newly developed tourist attraction famous in the down-to-earth country landscape and thousands of cats. Cats in the village are familiar with tourists and blend in the scene of this beautiful mountain village. Taipei arena is another good place to go. It is famous for the ice skating rink in Taipei downtown. Ferris wheel of Miramall is the biggest ferris wheel in Taipei. Be sure to take the ride at night and you can enjoy the fabulous night view of Taipei city.