NTU Chemical Engineering – Undergraduate Program

Required Courses and Credits for Undergraduate Program in the Department of Chemical Engineering of NTU: (These requirements are up-to-date as of 2012)
General Courses Required by the University
Courses (Credits)
Chinese (6)
Foreign Languages (6)
History (4)
Civil Education (2)
General Electives (12)
Total (30)
Students must take general elective courses from the spheres of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Life Sciences in one of the following ways: (1) at least two credits from each of the three spheres, (2) at least four credits from each of the two spheres.
Subject-Specific Courses Required by the DepartmentCourses (Credits)
Engineering Graphics (2)
Calculus (General Mathematics) (A) (8)
General Chemistry (A) (6)
General Chemistry Lab. (2)
General Physics (A) (6)
General Physics Lab. (2)
Computer Programming (3)
Mass and Energy Balances (A) (3)
Applied Mechanics (2)
Mechanics of Materials (3)
Engineering Mathematics (I)(II) (6)
Organic Chemistry (B) (6)
Organic Chemistry Lab. (B) (2)
Physical Chemistry (I) (II) (6)
Analytical Chemistry (C) (2)
Analytical Chemistry Lab. (C) (1)
Transport Phenomena and Unit Operations(I)(II)(III) (9)
Electrical Engineering (3)
Physical Chemistry Laboratory (I)(II) (2)
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (3)
Chemical Reaction Engineering (3)
Chemical Engineering Laboratory (I) (II) (2)
Process Control (3)
Process Design (3)
Chemical Process Industries (2)
Special projects (B.S.)(B) (2)
Report Writing (1)
Literature Survey (2)
(At least one course from the above 3 courses)
Total (90-91)
Many elective courses are offered in the areas of electronic specialty chemicals, electro-optical materials and devices, biotechnology, environmental protection and pollution control.