NTU Chemical Engineering – For High School Student

Dear high school students
Welcome to the section specifically designed for you! In order to provide insights into next-generation chemical engineering alongside research conducted by professors and students in our department, we established this Q&A session to answer those most commonly asked questions about chemical engineering. In addition, we offer slides that illustrates the research done by our department members in five advanced fields. With these slides, we hope to help you know more about this department in the shortest time. NTUChemE is a historical and the most advanced chemical engineering department in this country. Honoring glory in the past 60 years, we pursue for academic excellence and fulfill our obligation to contribute to the society. Our never-ending innovation in research has made us one of the top ten departments in Taiwan. In recent years, we obtained outstanding results in the fields of Optoelectronic Materials, Bio-technology, Energy and Environment, Green Chemistry, and Nano and Surface Technology. Alumni of NTUChemE have made extraordinary contribution in semi-conductor industries, optoelectronic industries and bio-tech industries. With the information provided in this section, we invite those who are interested in chemical engineering to join us, learn with us, and become the pioneers of Taiwanese industries.