The Department received a donation of more than USD$ 71,000 from Dr. Brian Yishing Changlai, a 1967 alumni

Dr. Brian Yishing  Changlai (MD, Ph.D.) was born in Taichung, Taiwan during the Second World War. He matriculated to the Department of Chemical Engineering of the National Taiwan University in 1963. Brian received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Clarkson University in New York and MD in medicine from Weill Cornell Medical School. He has been practicing medicine for more than 30 years without interruption. Dr. Changlai’s family are doctors and medical practitioners, and have been giving back to society for many years. This year, Dr. Changlai established the “Brian Yishing Changlai, BS’67, MD,PH.D., Mary C. Daye, MD and Brian Alfred Changlai, MD Endowed Scholarship Fund” at NTU to support and encourage the students in our department. The scholarship based on this Fund will soon be implemented and open for application. To learn more about the legendary story of Dr. Changlai, please read the attached autobiography article, which has also been published in the US Pacific Times of Los Angels.


The Legend of Changlai Yishing and Mary Daye