Kuo-Huang Hsieh Professor

Kuo-Huang Hsieh Professor
謝國煌 教授
email: khhsieh@ntu.edu.tw
Lab Info

Polymer Science and Engineering Laboratory

  • Education Background

B.S.Ch.E.National Taiwan University, 1972
M.S.Ch.E.National Taiwan University, 1976
Dr.Eng. University of Detroit U.S.A., 1981

  • Research Topic

Synthesis of Interpenetrating Polymer Networks and their Polymeric Composites
Polyurethane – based interpenetrating polymer networks with epoxy, unsturated polyester, polybismaleimide and the derived polymeric composites combining with glass or carbon fibers were prepared for studies. The synthesis, mechanical properties and structural morphology of the resultant materials are mainly investigated.

Synthesis and Characterization of Biomedical Polymeric Materials
Polyurethane, hydrophilic-hydrophobic polyurethane copolymers, and interpenetrating polymer networks of polyurethane / poly(vinyl alcohol), polyurethane / poly(acrylic acid) and hydrophilic polyurethane / hydrophobic polyurethane were synthesized for blood compatible materials.

Optoelectronic Polymeric Materials
Synthesis and properties of alternating and random copolymers using triphenylamine, carbazole and benzothiophene, and their derivatives with diketopyrrolopyrrole for organic solar cell, OLED, and organic TFT.

  • Recent Research Topic

1.從高性能到高度可撓曲軟性電子材料(3/3) Sponsored by國科會NSC 98-2218-E-002-001-NT$: 5,738,000; 2009/08/01~2010/07/31

2.研發抗菌熱塑型聚胺酯及胺酯壓克力樹酯作為根管封填材料( 3/3) Sponsored by國科會NSC 96-2628-B-002-061-MY3 NT$: 1,470,000; 2009/08/01~2010/07/31

3.軟性顯示器用之紫外光可交聯電光高分子材料合成(2/3) Sponsored by國科會NSC 97-2221-E-002-025-MY3 NT$: 1,171,000; 2008/08/01~2011/07/31

4.含聚乳酸多元醇之水性聚胺酯材料之開發及其應用於環保油墨之研究(產學合作計畫) Sponsored by合記貿易股份有限公司、國科會NSC 98-2622-E-002-021-CC3 NT$: 660,000; 2009/11/01~2010/10/31

5.複合型六氯環三磷/層狀黏土插層物及尼龍等阻燃材料開發(1/2) (產學合作計畫) Sponsored by晉倫科技股份有限公司、國慶化學股份有限公司、國科會 NSC 98-2622-E-002-025-CC2
NT$: 2,038,000; 2009/11/01~2010/10/31

6.自動線上快速去除IC lead frame溢膠之化學除膠藥水開發(產學合作計畫) Sponsored by尚昱應用材料股份有限公司 NT$: 600,000; 2009/11/01~2010/02/28

  • Honor
  1. 高分子學會;第七屆監事;950201~970201
  2. 臺灣幾丁質幾丁聚醣學會;第四屆理事長;950627~970627
  3. 臺灣化學科技產業協進會;第二屆監事;951201~981201
  4. 臺灣化學科技產業協進會;產業政策委員會委員;960202~981201
  5. 臺灣化學科技產業協進會;產業升級與永續發展委員會委員;960202~981201
  6. 國際塑膠工程師學會中華民國總會;第十屆理事;940201~961231
  7. 高分子學會2008年傑出論文獎,“L.Y. Wang, J.S. Wu, S.M. Tseng, C.S. Kuo, H. Hsieh, W.B. Liau and L.Y. Chiang, 1996, “Synthesis of Polyurethane Elastomers Hyper Cross-linked by partially Hydrated Polyhydroxylated C60”, J. Polym. Res., 3, 1, p.1-10.” 被引用次數達14次。
  8. 高分子學會;第八屆理事;970201~990201
  9. 高分子學會99年度傑出高分子應用獎
  10. 102年度中國工程師學會「傑出工程教授」獎
  11. 高分子學會102年度傑出論文獎
  12. 高分子學會103年度終身成就獎

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