戴子安 教授 / Chi-An Dai Professor

戴子安 教授
Chi-An Dai
電話(02) 3366-3051
傳真(02) 2362-3040
電子郵件 polymer@ntu.edu.tw


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  • 學經歷

國立台灣大學化工系 教授 2010-迄今
美國伊士曼柯達公司 研究員 1996-2001
美國康乃爾大學 材料博士 1996 (advisor: Prof. E. J. Kramer)
美國康乃爾大學 材料碩士 1991
私立東海大學 化工學士 1986

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  • 最新研究

1. Develop Precision Living Polymerization Method to Synthesize C60/Conducting Polymer Star and Miktoarm Star Polymers開發精準活性聚合法,合成碳60/導電高分子星狀與多臂星狀嵌段共聚物。NSC100-2221-E-002-084-MY3,2011/08/01-2014/07/31

2. Investigation of Ecological Engineering Materials for Agricutural Waterway-I and II 農田水路生態工程材料之研發及可行性評估。 2010/3/1-2010/12/31,2011/6/1-2011/12/31 (共同主持)

3. Bio-Compatible Auto-Focusing Artificial Eye 具自動對焦功能之次世代生物相容人工眼。 2008/11/1-2011/10/31(共同主持)

4. Persuasive CO2 Reduction and Energy Conservation 誘導式減碳與節能。2008/11/1-2011/10/31(共同主持)

5. Study of Novel Rod-Coil Block Copolymers Synthesis, Hybrid Structure, and Self-Assembly Behavior 新穎硬桿/柔曲嵌段共聚物合成與混成材料自組裝有序結構研究。NSC97-2221-E-002-064-MY3,2008/08/01-2011/07/31

6. Application of Artificial Muscle in Biomedicine人工肌肉在生物醫學的應用NSC94-2218-E-002-076,2005/11/01-2008-10/31 (共同主持)

  • 榮譽獎項

1. Invited Speaker in Taiwan-Russia Joint Symposium on Soft Mateials: Physics, Chemistry and Application, Nov 12-13, 2007, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan.
2. Invited Speaker in IUPAC World Polymer Congress-Macro2008 Symposium, June 29-July 4, 2008, Taipei, Taiwan.
3. Invited Speaker of Asia Excellence in 59th Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ), May 26-28, 2010, Yokohama, Japan.

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  3. Yi-Huan Lee, Yi-Lung Yang, Wei-Che Yen, Wei-Fang Su, and Chi-An Dai* “Solution Self-Assembly and Phase Transformations of Form II Crystals in Nanoconfined Poly(3-hexyl thiophene) Based Rod-Coil Block Copolymers” Nanoscale, 6, 2194, 2014. (SCI) (IF: 6.233, 2012)
  4. Yi-Lung Yang, Yi-Huan Lee, Yu-Ping Lee, Chi-Ju Chiang, Fong-Yu Hsu, Wei-Chun Hsu, Man-kit Leung, Leeyih Wang, Chi-An Dai,* Yoshihiro Ohta, and Tsutomu Yokozawa “Band Gap Tuning of Narrow-Polydispersity Two-Dimensional Conductive Polymers with Electroactive Side-Chains” J. Polym. Sci. Part A. Polym. Chem. 52, 1217, 2014. (SCI) (IF: 3.543, 2012)
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