Ying-Chih Liao Professor

Ying-Chih Liao Professor
廖英志 教授
email: liaoy@ntu.edu.tw
office:Tseng Jiang Hall(N)N610
Lab Info
Precision Printing Technology Laboratory
Tseng Jiang Hall(N)N607
  • Education Background

Purdue university Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Taiwan university M.A. Chemical Engineering
Taiwan university B.S. Chemical Engineering

  • Research Topic

Printed Electronics, Ink Formulation, and Liquid Pattern Formation
We developed various printing technologies to fabricate micro-electro-mechanical devices and disposable circuitry on flexible substrates. Several synthetic methods are developed to functionalize nanoparticle surfaces for better dispersion stability. Quantitative description of particle deposition and/or binding forces on solid surfaces are also examined either experimentally or theoretically to help ink formulation. To achieve high printing quality, fundamental ink spreading phenomena and the stability of liquid patterns on plastic substrates are also studied theoretically, experimentally, or computationally with computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

  • Recent Research Topic

1.Investigating capillary flow and wetting phenomena of nanoparticle dispersion 奈米粒子溶液之毛細運動和潤濕現象 NSC 98-2218-E-002-028, 98/10/01 – 99/09/30

  • Honor
  1. 指導吳奕鋒、呂紹永同學榮獲2018年Wireless Temperature Sensor, LITE-ON AWARD 2018, Merit Award
  2. 指導邱顯隆同學榮獲2018 ICSS, 23rd SACST, &21stNMC Outstanding Poster Award
  3. 指導鐘婉瑜同學榮獲10th Asian Coating Workshop銀牌獎
  4. 指導鄭庭宇同學榮獲10th Asian Coating Workshop佳作獎
  5. 指導賴怡瑾同學榮獲10th Asian Coating Workshop佳作獎
  6. 指導陳作宣同學榮獲2018年台灣過濾與分離學會年會論文發表之學生海報競賽佳作獎
  7. 指導柯威廷同學榮獲2019年中華民國高分子學會年會壁報論文競賽佳作
  8. 指導蔡尚成同學榮獲2019年11th Asian Coating Workshop優勝獎
  9. 指導彭宣穎同學榮獲2019年中華民國界面科學學會年會壁報展示競賽優勝海報獎
  10. 指導陳彥齊同學榮獲2019年台灣化學工程學會壁報論文暨競賽佳作獎
  11. 指導吳家秀同學榮獲2019年台灣化學工程學會壁報論文暨競賽佳作獎
  12. 指導鄭庭宇同學榮獲2019年台灣化學工程學會壁報論文暨競賽優勝獎
  13. 指導吳奕鋒同學榮獲2019年台灣化學工程學會英文論文口頭競賽佳作獎
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