Jiashing Yu Professor

Jiashing Yu Professor
游佳欣 教授
email: jiayu@ntu.edu.tw
office:Tseng Jiang Hall(N)N408
Lab Info

Biomedical and Tissue Engineering Lab

Tseng Jiang Hall(N)N405
  • Education Background

National Taiwan University Chemical Engineering B.S. 2003
UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco Bioengineering Ph.D. 2008
UCSF Cardiovascular Research Institute and
California Institute of Regenerative Medicine Post doc. 2010

  • Research Topic

Our lab design and engineer biodegradable or biological derive materials to enhance the cross-talks of cells and matrix. The designed microenvironment should promote cell migration and proliferation, and guide the differentiation of stem cells. The key research topics are listed:
♦Costumed-design of Biomaterials
Surface modification of biomaterials to enhance cell and extracellular matrix interaction.
Antibody and peptides conjugated nanoparticles as biosensors and drug delivery vehicles for cancer therapy
♦Stem Cell and Tissue engineering
Cell encapsulation and 3D culture.
Biological microbubbles for cardiac and stem cells

  • Recent Research Topic

Cell encapsulation and culture in alginate-based microspheres using air pressure driven device
Controlled drug release of microcapsules made of Biological derived materials
Validation of 3D culture system and its application in hASCs(human adipose-derived stem cell) expansion.
Biological microbubbles for Cardiomyocyte

  • Honor
  1. 指導碩士生李承德同學 2015第五屆亞洲生醫材料學術研討會(ABMC5) 英文壁報發表 優選
  2. 指導碩士生蔡鎮宇同學 2015生物醫學工程科技研討會-學生壁報發表競賽 優等
  3. 指導 吳冠翰同學,榮獲2016生物醫學工程科技研討會學生論文競賽生醫材料暨生物力學組-第三名,2016
  4. 指導 李承德同學,榮獲2016生物醫學工程科技研討會學生論文競賽生醫材料暨生物力學組-第二名,2016
  5. 指導 陳劭雍同學,榮獲美國國際化工年會學生組海報比賽獲得第一名,2016
  6. 指導 李承德同學,榮獲「第63屆台灣化學工程學會年會」學生英文報告競賽佳作,2016
  7. 指導 林詠皓同學,榮獲「第63屆台灣化學工程學會年會」學生英文報告競賽佳作,2016
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  10. 林詠皓同學 陳劭雍同學 黃楷文同學獲得2017台大化工第一屆學士專題競賽 銀獎與佳作
  11. 吳柏霆同學 獲得2017聰賢芬英創新程序設計獎 佳作
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  13. GCBME 2018 (Global Conference on Biomedical Engineering) 會議主辦機關: Chung Yuan Christian University 佘佳韋同學 第二名。吳柏霆同學 優勝
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