Yan-Ping Chen Professor

Yan-Ping Chen Professor
陳延平 教授
phone:(02)2366-1661 or (02)3366-3029
email: ypchen@ntu.edu.tw
Lab Info


Thermodynamics and Supercritical Fluid Technology Laboratory


(02)2363-2064; (02)3366-3031
  • Education Background

B.S. Ch. E., National Taiwan University, 1976
Ph. D. Ch. E., Rice University, 1982

  • Research Topic

Phase Equilibria, Supercritical Fluid Technology, Process Simulation and Design
Phase equilibrium is an important area in chemical engineering thermodynamics and separation technology. Our research topics include: (1) Development of an equation of state based on a modified coordination number model for phase equilibrium calculations of polymer solutions. (2) Calculation of vapor-liquid equilibrium and solid solubility in supercritical fluids using improved mixing models. (3) Theoretical calculations on polymer, supercritical fluid, surfactant and multi-component systems. (4) Calculation of mutual diffusion coefficients from the local composition model. Correlations of other thermodynamic properties such as surface tension are currently undergoing. (5) Experimental measurement of vapor-liquid equilibria and solid solubility at high pressure conditions. Experimental studies also include the synthesis of electrically conductive polymer materials using supercritical technology. (6) Applications of computational fluid dynamics, chemical process simulation and integration softwares to study the energy efficient and cleaner production processes. Collaborative studies are currently undergoing with China Petroleum Corporation and the UMIST (UK).

  • Recent Research Topic

1.Green Chemical Process Technology (Phase 2), Part A1. Micronization of Pharmaceutical Compounds and Food Additives Using Supercritical Fluid Technology. 綠色化學程序尖端技術(第二期,第三年):子計畫A1 ,Ministry of Economic Affairs, 1/12/2009-30/11/2010

2.Solid Solubility Measurement, Model Correlation, and Particle Micronization of Pharmaceutical Compounds in Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (1/3) 藥物分子在超臨界二氧化碳中之固體溶解度量測、模式關聯、與微粒化研究(2/3),National Science Council, 1/8/2009-31/7/2010

3.Gas Hydrate Resources Investigations and Assessment: Thermodynamics Research (3/4) 天然氣水合物資源調查與評估:熱力學研究(3/4),Ministry of Economic Affairs, 1/1/2010-31/12/2010

  • Honor
  1. 國立臺灣大學傅斯年獎,2005年9月
  2. 化工技術獎(團體獎)2006. 11.24本人參與台大化工系執行經濟部學界科專計畫,於2006. 11.24獲得台灣化學工程學會化工技術獎(團體獎)
  3. 金開英獎,台灣化學工程學會,2009年11月
  4. 化工傑作獎,台灣化學工程學會,2012年11月(與蔡佩紋,陳立仁,林祥泰共同獲獎)
  5. 共同主持的氣體水合物研究團隊研究成果榮登PCCP(Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics)期刊封面,2016
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