Li-Jen Chen Professor

Li-Jen Chen Professor
陳立仁 教授
phone:(02)2362-3296 or (02)3366-3049
office:Dept.of Chemical Engineering 210A
Lab Info
Interfacial Phenomena Laboratory
Dept.of Chemical Engineering 202A; 121B
  • Education Background

B.S. Ch.E. National Taiwan University 1980
M.S. Ch.E. National Taiwan University 1984
Ph.D. Ch.E. Rice University 1989

  • Research Topic

Experiments and modeling of gas hydrate systems
Gas hydrate is one of the world’s largest reservoirs of carbon-based fuel. For gas hydrate production and the subsequent storage and transportation, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of gas hydrate. Current research projects included (1) both experimental work and modeling of phase behavior of gas hydrate systems; (2) development of the production technology of replacing methane hydrate by CO2.

Wetting behavior on micro/nanoscale patterned surfaces
Micro/nanoscale patterned surfaces have been fabricated as well as superhydrophobic surfaces. Wetting behavior and evaporation process of a liquid droplet deposited on these patterned surfaces are explored both experimentally and theoretically to improve related applications, such as ink-jet printing, microfluidics…

Physico-chemical behavior of aqueous systems containing polymers and surfactants.
The behavior of systems containing polymer and surfactants plays an essential role in practical applications, such as detergents, foods, cosmetics, paints, pesticides and formulations of drugs. A multitude of techniques are applied to characterize and explore the structure and composition of aggregates and complexes formed by polymers and surfactants.

  • Recent Research Topic

1.Interaction between surfactant and polyelectrolyte and its effect on thermodynamic behavior of micellization,界面活性劑與聚電解質之相互作用與其對形成微胞熱力學行為之效應 Li-Jen Chen, sponsored by the National Science Council Contract #NSC 98-2221-E-002 -086, NT$1,015,000, 8/1/2009-7/31/2010.

2.台灣西南海域新興能源–天然氣水合物資源調查與評估:熱力學研究(2/4)理論部分 Li-Jen Chen, sponsored by the 經濟部地質調查所 Contract #97-5226903000-02-04, NT$1,300,000, 1/1/2009-12/31/2009

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