Cheng-Che(Jerry) Hsu Professor

Cheng-Che(Jerry) Hsu Professor
徐振哲 教授
office:Tseng Jiang Hall(N)N508
Lab Info

Plasma Engineering Laboratory

Tseng Jiang Hall(N)N503
  • Education Background

B.S. Ch.E. National Taiwan University, 1996
M.S. Ch.E. National Taiwan University, 1998
PhD. Ch.E. University of California at Berkeley, 2006

  • Research Topic

Development of Plasma Processes
Research focuses on the development of novel plasma systems and plasma processes, including low pressure and atmospheric pressure plasmas, as well as plasmas in solution. Plasma systems developed include portable plasma sources, microdischarges, and paper-based plasma generation devices. Application interested includes energy conversion, materials processing.

  • Recent Research Topic

1.大氣電漿的檢測與數值模擬及其在奈米粉體製程上的應用 (Diagnostic Study and Numerical Simulation of Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas and the Applications to Nanoparticle Fabrication) 國科會NT 1,066,000, 08/01/2009-07/31/2010

2.常壓中空陰極電極特性模擬研究(Simulation of Atmospheric Pressure Hollow Cathode Plasmas) 行政院原委會核研所 NT 500,000, 04/01/2009~12/31/2009

  • Honor
  1. 李欣潔、楊曜禎同學/指導教授徐振哲教授2011 AVS International Plasma Workshop on Processing and Characterization of Advanced Materials (best poster paper award), 2011/3/22-25
  2. 張鴻文同學/指導教授徐振哲教授台灣化學工程學會58週年年會博士班研究生英文專題報告競賽第一名, 2011/11/25-26
  3. 楊曜禎同學/指導教授徐振哲教授台灣化學工程學會58週年年會博士班研究生英文專題報告競賽第二名, 2011/11/25-26
  4. 李欣潔、張詩敏、斐爾文同學/指導教授吳乃立教授、徐振哲教授台灣化學工程學會58週年年會壁報論文競賽材料在化工上的應用組佳作, 2011/11/25-26.
  5. 張鴻文/指導教授徐振哲教授, Coburn and Winter Student Award Finalist American Vacuum Society, Plasma Science and Technology Division, American Vacuum Society 59th annual symposium, Tampa USA, 2012/10/28-2012/11/2.
  6. 楊曜禎/指導教授徐振哲教授, Coburn and Winter Student Award Finalist American Vacuum Society, Plasma Science and Technology Division, American Vacuum Society 60th annual symposium, Long Beach USA, 2013/10/27-2013/11/1.
  7. 楊曜禎/指導教授徐振哲教授,最佳海報,2013台灣化學工程學會60週年年會暨國科會化學工程學門成果發表會, 2013/11/22-23.
  8. 高鵬凱/指導教授徐振哲教授,最佳海報,2013台灣化學工程學會60週年年會暨國科會化學工程學門成果發表會, 2013/11/22-23.
  9. 楊曜禎/指導教授徐振哲教授,Best Oral Paper Award,2013,8th Asia Pacific International Symposium on the Basics and Applications of Plasma Technology, Hsinchu, Taiwan, Dec. 2013
  10. 台灣大學「教學優良獎」2013
  11. 臺灣大學103學年度教學傑出獎 2015
  12. 研究團隊獲第十五屆「光寶創新獎」銀賞 2015
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