Nae-Lih Wu Professor

Nae-Lih Wu Professor
吳乃立 教授
phone:(02)2362-7158 or (02)3366-3995
office:Dept.of Chemical Engineering 208A
Lab Info

Energy Materials Laboratory

Dept.of Chemical Engineering 108; 工綜415
(02)3366-3018; (02)3366-3059
  • Education Background

B.S. Ch.E. National Taiwan University 1980
Ph.D. Ch.E. Penn. State University 1987

  • Research Topic

Electrochemical Energy Materials and Nano-Materials
Research focuses on three major areas, including electrochemical energy storage materials and devices, such as supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries; development of advanced in-situ/in-operando analytic methodologies based on synchrotron facilities in charactering energy materials and devices; nano-materials synthesis and applications.

  • Recent Research Topic

1.Advance processing of high-performance materials for electrochemical energy storage devices高功能電化學元件材料之先進製程 Sponsored by National Taiwan University NT$ 2,500,000; 2008/8/1-2009/7/31

2.Research on High-Temperature Performance of LiFePO4 (II) Sponsored by National Science Council (II) NT$ 710,000; 2009/1/1-2009/12/31

3.Green Chemical ProcessTechnology- High Gravity Processes (2/3) 綠色化學程序尖端技術-超重力化工程序應用之研發Sponsored by Ministry of Economic Affairs NT$ 6,170,000; 2008/12/1-2009/11/30

4.Synthesis of High-Capacity Anode materials for Li-ion Battery by Electrospinning 用靜電紡絲合成鋰離子電池高容量負極纖維 Sponsored by Textile Technology Research Institute NT$ 500,000; 2009/1/1-2009/12/31

5.Research of Energy Storage Electrodes 儲能電極開發與應用研究 Sponsored by Textile Technology Research Institute NT$ 540,000; 2009/1/1-2009/12/31

6.Evaluation of Conductive Al Current Collector 導電鋁基材的評估 NT$300,000; 2009/3/1-2009/6/30

7.Research on High-performance Supercapacitors (1/3)

高性能超高電容器之研發(1/3) Sponsored by National Science Council NT$1,854,000; 2009/8/1-2009/7/31

8.New Generation High-Capacity Li-ion Battery materials 新世代高容量鋰離子電池材料 Sponsored by National Science CouncilNT$5,100,000; 2009/11/1-2010/12/31

  • Honor
  1. 臺灣大學特聘教授(University Distinguished Professor)
  2. 2013(合著人:翁郁婷) 發表論文獲選為Chemical Communications傑出期刊封底
  3. 黃子洋同學/指導教授吳乃立教授台灣化學工程學會61 (2014)週年年會壁報論文競賽電化學組佳作
  4. 擔任美國電化學學會會誌(JES)副編輯 (Associate Editor, Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2014~present)
  5. 黃聖翔同學/指導教授吳乃立教授台灣化學工程學會63(2016)週年年會壁報論文競賽電化學組優勝
  6. 黃聖翔同學/指導教授吳乃立教授獲得科技部104年度大專學生研究計畫研究創作獎
  7. 2016 第十四屆有庠科技論文獎綠色科技類(Outstanding Paper Award of Green Technology, Far Eastern Y.Z. Hsu Science and Technology Memorial Foundation)
  8. 2016工業技術研究院最佳論文獎(Best Paper Award, Industrial Technology Research Institute)
  9. 林彥丞同學/指導教授吳乃立教授獲得科技部105年度大專學生研究計畫研究創作獎
  10. 林彥丞同學/指導教授吳乃立教授台灣化學工程學會64(2017)週年年會口頭論文競賽傑出論文獎
  11. 莊少儀同學/指導教授吳乃立教授台灣化學工程學會64(2017)週年年會壁報論文競賽傑出論文獎
  12. 2017(合著人:羅婧) 發表論文獲選為Advanced Energy Materials期刊內封面
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