Jeffrey Chi-Sheng Wu Professor

Jeffrey Chi-Sheng Wu Professor
吳紀聖 教授
office:Tseng Jiang Hall(N)N510
Lab Info

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Laboratory

Tseng Jiang Hall(N)N507
  • Education Background

B.S. Ch.E. National Taiwan University 1980
M.S. Ch.E. West Virginia University 1985
Ph.D. Ch.E. University of Pittsburgh 1988

  • Research Topic

Catalysis and Reaction Engineering
Research on catalysis in the energy and environmental applications, included catalysts preparation, characterization, catalytic reactions, reactor design and model simulation. Current research projects included (1) Photocatalytic water splitting for H2 production; (2) Photoreduction of CO2 to fuels; (3) Photocatalytic selective catalytic reduction of air pollutant NOx; (4) Photo oxidation of air pollutant VOCs; (5) Conversion of bio-ethanol to gasoline.

  • Recent Research Topic

1.Plasmonic nano-structured metamaterials for light harvest and emission: applications of plasmonic metamaterial in photocatalysts and solar energy harvest 奈米電漿結構之超穎物質的光收穫與發送研究:超穎物質在光觸媒與太陽能收穫應用 Sponsored by National Science Council, 97-2120-M-002-017-, NT$562,000 7/1/2009-6/30/2010

2.Direct Separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen in Photocatalytic Water Splitting using Solar Energy 太陽能光催化水分解中直接分離氫和氧 Sponsored by National Science Council, NSC97-2221-E-002-090-MY3,NT$960,000 8/1/2009-7/31/2010

3.Advanced Green Chemical Process Technology (Phase 2), 綠色化學程序尖端技術(第二期) Sponsored by Ministry of Economic Affairs, 98-EC-17-A-09-S1-019, NT$1,500,000 12/1/2009-11/3/2010

  • Honor
  1. 台大工學院斌彥先生紀念講座 2018
  2. 榮獲中國工程師學會105年度傑出工程教授獎,2016
  3. Editor, Catalysis Communications, January 2016-present
  4. Editorial board, Applied Catalysis A: General, April 2009-present
  5. Editorial board, Research on Chemical Intermediates, December 2012-present
  6. Guest Editor, Energy Conversion and Management, Special issue: Biofuels 2014
  7. 理事長,台灣光觸媒產業發展協會, 2016-present
  8. 指導研究生團隊,吳怡亭,李姿樺,游勝閎,林貝瑄,經濟部技術處2012搶鮮大賽-創意發想類季軍,2013
  9. 指導吳怡亭第三十一屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會壁報論文競賽第二名,2013
  10. 指導林貝瑄中國工程師學會學生分會102年度工程論文競賽佳作獎,2013
  11. 指導盧孔德2013第六屆亞太催化會議(the 6th Asia-Pacific Congress on Catalysis)壁報競賽Best Poster Excellence Award,2013
  12. 指導吳怡亭第三十二屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會壁報論文競賽第一名,2014
  13. 指導陳君穎第三十二屆台灣觸媒與反應工程研討會壁報論文競賽佳作,2014
  14. 指導余哲瑨105年度化工年會壁報論文競賽榮獲觸媒及反應工程組最佳論文獎 , 2015
  15. 研究團隊的論文榮登Catalysts期刊(SCI, Impact factor=2.0)的封面,2015
  16. 指導劉俊彥同學,中油新能源創意競賽榮獲第3名實用獎,2016
  17. 指導劉俊彥同學,參加「第 34 屆觸媒暨反應工程研討會」學生英語演講競賽第二名,2016
  18. 指導余哲瑨同學,參加「第 34 屆觸媒暨反應工程研討會」學生英語演講競賽第三名,2016
  19. 指導何妤安同學,參加「第 34 屆觸媒暨反應工程研討會」海報論文競賽第一名,2016
  20. 指導匡佳謙同學,參加「第 34 屆觸媒暨反應工程研討會」海報論文競賽佳作,2016
  21. 指導劉俊彥和李政泓同學,參加中國工程師學會學生分會「105年度工程論文競賽」獲得化工組佳作,2016
  22. 指導李端行、林冠宇、范姜維亮與匡佳謙同學,參加「全國儲能應用專題創意競賽」榮獲佳作獎,2016
  23. 指導何妤安同學,榮獲財團法人慶恩教育基金會綠色科技論文獎,2016
  24. 指導李端行同學,榮獲財團法人中技社科技獎學金,2016
  25. 指導余哲瑨同學,參加「第 35 屆觸媒暨反應工程研討會」海報論文競賽第2名,2017
  26. 指導李政泓,劉俊和Kim Strüwe同學,參加106年度化工年會壁報論文競賽 榮獲觸媒及反應工程組佳作論文獎 , 2017


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