Chia-Wen (Kevin) Wu Professor

Chia-Wen (Kevin) Wu Professor
吳嘉文 教授
Lab Info

Nanoporous Materials Lab

  • Education Background

B.S. A.C. National Taiwan University, 1998
M.S. A.C. National Taiwan University, 2000
PhD. M.S.E. The University of Tokyo , Japan, 2005

  • Research Topic

Synthesis and Application of Mesoporous Materials
Mesoporous materials have attracted much attention both in basic preparation and practical applications because of their large surface area, ordered structures, and uniform pore sizes. Our research focuses on the synthesis of such materials and we also attempt to apply these materials, in photo-electronic, energy, and bio-medicine applications. For the synthesis of the materials, we combine the bottom-up self-assembly chemistry with top-down lithographic technique to fabricate advanced functionalized mesoporous materials. The processes we used include both chemical synthesis and engineering fabrication. We therefore study the effects of various synthetic conditions on the phase transformation of mesostructures, the generation and analysis of mesostructures, and the functionalization of the obtained materials. For the application of the materials, we currently are interested in applying our materials in the following three areas: 1. Photo-electronic: Dye-sensitized solar cells. 2. Energy: Green energy, fuel cells. 3. Bio-medicine: Drug/gene delivery and controlled release. Based on the basic and practical researches, we hope that we not only produce new materials but also contribute to human health and environmental sustainability.

  • Recent Research Topic

1.Design and synthesis of highly ordered multi-functionalized mesoporous silica nanomaterials for intracellular drug delivery and controlled release (2/2) 設計與合成高規則結構的多功能中孔徑氧化矽奈米材料並應用於細胞內的藥物傳遞與控制釋放 (2/2) Chia-Wen Wu, sponsored by the National Science Council Contract #NSC-97-2113-M-002-020-MY2, NT$1,926,000, 08/01/2009-7/31/2010.

2.Effective Energetic Applications of Perpendicular Nanoporous Titania and Platinum Thin-Film Materials: Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) and Polymer Electrode Fuel Cells (PEFCs) 具有垂直奈米孔徑的二氧化鈦及白金薄膜材料於高效率的能源應用:色素 敏化太陽電池及燃料電池 Chia-Wen Wu, sponsored by the National Taiwan University (邁向頂尖大學計畫) Contract #98R0328, NT$1,000,000, 08/01/2009-07/31/2010.

  • Honor
  1. 榮獲2014 日本化學學會The Distinguished Lecture Award (最佳演說獎) for Inorganic Porous Materials
  2. 發表在期刊”Science and Technology of Advanced Materials (STAM)”上的文章獲選為Best Paper Award 2014
  3. SCI國際期刊Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) (IF: 5.578) Editorial Board Member.
  4. SCI國際期刊Advanced Powder Technology (IF: 1.612) Editorial Board Member.
  5. 榮獲104度吳大猷先生紀念獎(2015/10/08)
  6. 榮獲科技部「吳大猷先生紀念獎」,2016
  7. 2016 Green Tech 東元科技創意競賽亞軍,2016
  8. The Outstanding Asian Researcher and Engineer Award in 2016.
  9. SCI國際期刊Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers (IF: 4.217) Editorial Board Member, 2017.
  10. SCI國際期刊ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering (IF: 5.951) Editorial Board Member, 2018.
  11. 2017年化工學會賴再得獎
  12. 2017年傑出青年化學家獎
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