Duu-Jong Lee Professor

Duu-Jong Lee Professor
李篤中 教授
email: djlee@ntu.edu.tw
office:Dept.of Chemical Engineering 205
Lab Info

Heat Transfer Laboratory

Dept.of Chemical Engineering 203; 203A; 植研104
(02)3366-3028; (02)3366-3028; (02)3366-3071
  • Education Background

B.S.Ch.E. National Taiwan University 1984
Dr.S.Ch.E.National Taiwan University 1990

  • Research Topic

Energy and Environment
The research interests on industrial wastewater treatment, biomass energy and environment management, particularly on the microscale transport and reaction processes in biomass matrix. In the past 33 years, 5 PhD and 46 MS students from the lab awarded the degrees with implementation of a few industrial research projects with field applications.

  • Recent Research Topic

Lee, Duu-Jong, sponsored by MOST, #107-2221-E-002 -007-MY3, 08/01/2018-07/31/2021.

2. 開發含有三唑環官能團擁有花瓣效應的聚合物薄膜及在水處理上之應用
Lee, Duu-Jong, sponsored by MOST, #107-2221-E-002 -098-MY3, 08/01/2018-07/31/2021.

3. 開發吸附水中銫離子的普魯士藍吸附劑
Lee, Duu-Jong, sponsored by MOST, #MOST 106-2221-E-002-236-MY3, 08/01/2017-07/31/2020

  • Honor

 Editorial Board member of Chemical Engineering Science (Elsevier, SCI,EI, 2002‒now);
 Guest Editor and Editorial Board member of Separation Science and Technology (Taylor & Francis, SCI,EI, 2002‒now);
 Editorial Board member of Journal of Residues Science & Technology (DecTech Pub, SCI, 2004‒now);
 Guest Editor and Editorial Board member of Drying Technology (Taylor & Francis, SCI,EI, 2005‒now);
 Editor of Advanced Powder Technology (Elsevier, SCI, 2005‒now);
 Guest Editor of Desalination (Elsevier, SCI,EI, 2008);
 Associate Editor and Editorial Board member of Bioresource Technology (Elsevier, SCI,EI, 2009‒now);
 Editor-in-Chief of Bioresource Technology Reports (Elsevier, 2018‒now);
 Editorial Board member and Guest Editor of Applied Energy (Elsevier, SCI,EI, 2012‒now);
 Guest Editor of Applied Biotechnology and Bioengineering (Elsevier, SCI,EI, 2012);
 Guest Editor of Biochemical Engineering Journal (Elsevier, SCI,EI, 2012).
 Guest Editor of Energy Conversion and Management (Elsevier, SCI,EI, 2015).
 Guest Editor of Renewable Energy (Elsevier, SCI,EI, 2015).
 行政院國家科技部(MOST)複審委員;
 行政院經濟部評審委員;
 台灣化學工程師學會副理事長(2010‒2012);理事長(2013‒2014)
 IEET認證委員會委員(2013‒2015);
 特約研究員;
 傑出工程教授;
 國立臺灣大學終身特聘教授;
 傑出特約研究獎;
 中山學術文化基金會學術著作獎;
 有庠科技講座;
 教育部學術獎
 教育部國家講座

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