M.H. Rei Professor

M.H. Rei Professor
雷敏宏 教授

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long lasting clean hydrogen technology;Catalytic heating by oxidation catalyst;Hydrogen spillover in the membrane catalytic reactor

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  • long lasting clean hydrogen technology
    we dearly cherish our brief encounter with fossil fuel in our lifetime by striving to achieve higher energy efficiency and lower carbon waste from the development of compact, simpler, economical and safer hydrogen technology and facility.We, my students and colleagues in Green Hydrotec Inc, has had several #1 or pioneer achievements in the catalysis and Pd-membrane. permeation for the developments of hydrogen technology.

    Catalytic heating by oxidation catalyst
    fter grasping the unique character of hBn, we first completed the development of Pt-hBN catalyst for VOC, we then moved on to disperse it on the support to achieve a extremely stable and reactive combustion catalyst for flameless catalytic heating with a compact heater to alleviate the need of large chamber and NOx formation.

    Hydrogen spillover in the membrane catalytic reactor
    In 2002 and 2004 we first recognized the role of hydrogen spillover from the catalyst site to the membrane surface bringing about the rate enhancement of steam reforming reaction. 2009 we further found that the hydrogen spillover can be channeled and extended to enhance the hydrogen permeation through the membrane.

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