Hsiao-Ping Huang Professor

Hsiao-Ping Huang Professor
黃孝平 教授

email: huanghpc@ntu.edu.tw
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Systems Identification and Control;Modeling, Data Mining, and Monitoring of Dynamic Systems

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  • Systems Identification and Control
    The identification methods under study cover from traditional least squares (linear or nonlinear), relay feedback, PLS, to subspace. Methods using closed-loop data are emphasized. Controller designs for multi-loop and multivariable control systems have been focused on the inverse-based methods. Performance limits and on-line methods to monitoring dynamic performance for single loop systems and multi-loop systems are among the current studies. For time-varying plant, on-line adaptive control with a least interference to a closed loop system is also of interests.

    Modeling, Data Mining, and Monitoring of Dynamic Systems
    Steady state and dynamic simulations of plant-wide chemical processes, such as reaction and separation processes, are of interests. The purpose of these studies is aimed to build models for optimization, control system design and performance assessment. For safety of process operations, topics of input/output time series, model identification, and statistical multivariate analysis for static/dynamic systems are of interest. The purposes of this study is focused on the developments of on-line real time methods for monitoring and diagnosis of process faults.

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  • 1.中國化學工程師學會會誌(英文)之總編輯, 1987-1992

    2.中國工程師學學會最佳論文獎, 1979, 1988

    3.中國工程師學學會詹氏論文獎, 1985

    4.中國化學工程師學學會最佳論文獎, 1991, 1998

    5.國科會工程處化工學門召集人, 1996-2000

    6.中國化學工程師學會會誌榮譽顧問, 1992~present

    7.Member, Standing Committee, PSE Asia, 2002~now

    8.經濟部技術處SBIR計劃之民生化工組召集人及SBIR計劃總召集人, 2002-2004,審查委員, 2002 ~ now

    9.化學工程師學學會金開英獎, 2004

    10.台灣化學工程師學會(原中國理事化學工程師學會)理事, 2005~2008

    11.Best poster Paper Award, ADCHEM 2006, Brazil

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