International Program


International Program


●University Entry requirements


International Degree Students

Those who follow the Degree Student Admission application procedure and undertake an Undergraduate, Master’s or PhD degree are called “International Degree Students"
For Prospective Students: Application information for Degree Student Admission
For Current Students: Information for Degree Students at NTU



This is merely a summary of the MOE Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan which does not include all relevant rules. For detailed provisions of the Regulations, please check the Laws & Regulations Database of the Republic of China online. Applicants shall comply with the Regulations. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of International Affairs of NTU. Consulting email:


Before you apply

1. Make sure that you are eligible to apply as an international student.

2. Please check if the departments or institutes that you wish to apply to are open to international students.


How to apply

Step1 Prepare all required documents. (See required documents)

Step2 Check if the departments or institutes to which you are applying have additional requirements on documents or if they need oral or written exams. (See additional requirements – opens in new window)

Step3 Fill in the online application form on the OIA website, and print out all required forms. (About Online application system – opens in new window)

Step4 Either deliver in person before the deadline, or ensure that the complete application package arrives at the OIA office before the deadline. (See Key Dates)


All information can be obtained online at: ●Prospective Students ●International Degree Student Admission



Key dates for entry

January 02, 2013 – March 07, 2013     Send your applications to NTU’s OIA by post

January 02, 2013 – March 15, 2013     Deliver your applications to NTU’s OIA in person

5pm, May 17, 2013                 Post results on the OIA website

May 30, 2013                      Admission and rejection notices are sent to all applicants



Postal address

  International Degree Student Admission

  Office of Internation Affairs(OIA)

  Nation Taiwan University

  Rm 418,4 th floor,2 nd Admin Bldg No 1,Sec 4,Roosevelt Rd,Taipei 10617,Taiwan